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40 Years of Life with my Wife (Poems)

Love is written in the actions of Jenny’s day,

As she goes about her work and lives her way.

Time is apportioned to the things that Jenny chooses,

Given to those who have needs

Time left over she retrieves.

To do the tasks left undone

that must be completed

before the setting of the sun.

People to catch up with

Some shopping to be done,

On the homeward run.

Time to drive home, it’s getting late.

Peace and quiet await.

Honey, I’m home I hear her cry,

sorry I’m so late.

It doesn’t matter he says,

He knows she has been helping the children

with her many gifts of toil,

And as he loves them with a passion,

He understands and shows compassion,

She does what she does because that is her,

Caring is her way

of navigating through her day!

Dinner is done as darkness comes,

Still there is more Jenny wants to do

At the computer she finds her place

To check the emails, just in case

And sort through some photographs to share

With family and friends waiting out there.

Then more things to attend to and plan

And maybe there will be some time tomorrow

to spend with her man.

If there is none of these things to do,

She asks me if we can watch

an episode of the Sullivan’s or perhaps two.

Before heading off to bed

To rest her tired and weary head.

I sit here and reflect

On what a wonderful person is my wife

With whom I have spent over 40 years of my life.

Together we are heavenward bound

And we want our children to appreciate

our love and care

in helping them too, to get there.

God is our rock,

It’s He that brings us through

We pray that He will guide and guard them too.

Heaven is the place we want to be

for our timeless place in eternity.

The weeds will be gone,

Perfect love will be our forever song.

Dedicated to my wife Jenny Schiller on our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

29th December 2019

With a heart full of love,

You are more precious than rubies!

Celebrated with Leanne and Wayne Kreis

Dinner Cruise on the Kookaburra Queen, Brisbane.

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