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A Coffee Break

How good it is to just sit,

Take some time to enjoy the quiet.

Have a coffee and just reflect,

On where I am right now.

Sounds enter in from all around me,

Couples serenely chatting and soft music playing,

The steady hum of fans overhead,

Plates and cutlery clatter behind the counter.

Orders taken and words exchanged,

Communication transformed into action,

Machines grinding and people moving about,

As the air condition whispers above my head.

Time spent here is like a coma,

In the sentence that is today,

A small punctuation mark,

A breath with not a lot to say.

I could take out my mobile,

And let the world crash in,

Full of chaos and distraction,

Designed to capture and to win!

Come and buy the best of products,

Hear the latest greatest songs,

The wisdom of the talk back hosts,

Dissecting news and propaganda to roast.

Pessimism about the bushfires,

The worst our nation has ever seen,

Climate change and sure destruction,

Of the world is what it means.

Verbal bashing of the government,

Cries and howls of discontent,

Too bad they had no house insurance,

The government should pay they vent!

Now it’s gone from bad to worse,

Corona Virus has invaded and will spread,

Bringing fear, death and dread,

We now have more reason to stay in bed.

The Prime Minister has declared a Pandemic,

Shoppers panic buying toilet paper,

Clearing the shelves until there’s no more,

In fear of isolation and being shut indoors!

Yet here I sit, and life goes on,

Like any other day all around,

Drinking coffee and listening to the sound,

Of people living their life profound.

None of us know when time will cease,

And our final day will come,

None of us know what it will be,

That will for us blot out the sun.

Should I worry,

Not at all,

God is in control,

And has been since the fall!

He will usher in the day,

When the world will end,

And I live in anticipation,

As on his promises I depend!

Fear not the angle said,

For unto you has come,

The saviour today is born,

He is God’s one and only son!

He came to bring us hope and joy,

The all may live in peace,

And know the blessings of abundant love,

Which in heaven will never cease!

Neil P. Schiller

(In a Coffee Shop) 10.03.20

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