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A Pain in the Head!

You know that you are coming down with something,

When you are just not feeling so good,

Everything is a shambles as work does not go the way it should.

The side of the head aches, as if hit by a cricket bat,

Panadol gives no relief and that is a fact.

What can I do about it; not much at all I know,

It is not an uncommon thing as this pain can come and go,

The pressure from the TMJ is not easily controlled,

It is a condition that is with me from of old,

Caused by bone on bone that makes the pain unfold.

In a few weeks, the wait will be over, and the new implant installed,

Then the peg will be capped, and a new tooth formed,

After all, has settled and found to be good,

It is off to another specialist to investigate the construction of a device,

That will splint the jaws and relieve the pain and make them behave nice!

Neil P. Schiller Monday, 25 January 2021

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