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Waking tired, not feeling well,

Feeling distressed,

Querying if something is wrong,

Listened to the news on the TV,

While getting porridge on,

The reporter’s words begin to swirl,

Powering through the mind,

A cyclonic dizziness grows,

Fainting is coming,

Fatigue and uneasiness set in.

All is not well.

The troubled world pulls on the compassionate heart,

People have needs that we can see,

Friends grieving,

Battling terminal illness,

Families with both parents working,

Struggling to meet children’s needs,

Seniors suffering with multiple health conditions,

Homes and gardens demanding care,

That can no longer be given,

Frustrating the owners now lacking the ability,

No longer able to do what they used to do with pride,

Restricted to staying inside,

It is not easy for anyone,

Reaching a time when mind and body no longer match,

Energy and ability are in a process of retreat,

A battle is occurring that will bring defeat,

The time approaches as the clock ticks,

When those who have run marathons,

Can not walk alone without help.

All humanity continues to age.

The journey for each is different as we manoeuvre,

Through life at every stage,

Individuals falter early, while others speed along,

Their choices and consequences producing their specific song,

The rhythm, beat and melody dependent on their say,

Paving the course and different experienced along life’s way,

For all the span of life has an ending,

None can wish away,

Yet their world view makes a difference,

A positive focus and a reason to live,

Along with medical intervention reprieve give,

The powerful desire to fight the onward decline,

That is caused by the continuous passing of time,

Hope too renews the heart and mind,

Bringing calm and peace and bold resolve,

Knowing that when this journey ends,

Time does too,

Eternity begins,

Life is renewed.

Neil P. Schiller


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