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All, All, All

Friends and neighbours gather round,

The words of truth they are sound,

For all people of every tongue,

Hear the story of what God has done.

God sent his Son to come to earth,

To enter the world by human birth,

To live a life of sacrifice,

For all sins paid – his life the price.

Go out he said - tell everyone,

My death and resurrection done,

Completely cancels all your debt,

Justice for all failings is now met.

Take hold of the freedom won,

Your heart is clean – bright as the Son,

Heaven’s gates are open wide,

All are welcomed – come inside.


All are welcomed,

All are saved,

All is done by Jesus won,

Accept this gift,

Accept God’s Son.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 6 June 2021 (Inspired by Bishop Paul Smith's video address on The Great Commission)

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