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C-19: 2020 The Modern-day Leprosy

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In Jesus day, lepers were banished from their homes and sent out of the city to live away from everyone else. As people travelled, if a leper saw someone approach, by law they had to yell and declare that they were unclean. In this way social distancing existed at the time of Jesus. The Bible tells us of a few times when lepers approached Jesus for healing, and he touched them and performed the miracle of healing them. On one occasion, he healed ten lepers, but only one came back to thank him. Jesus showed the love and glory of God through these miracles and demonstrated the power of God over death.

Divide and destroy,

Is the age-old way,

For this dark enemy,

To win the day.

Cut people off from one another,

Split friends off,

Sister from brother,

Cause lots of panic, adding some fear,

Make sure no rescue help is near.

Close down the churches,

Shut all the cafes, the food courts,

Do not permit entertainment or sports,

Make them stay closeted at home,

Imprisoned, not permitted to roam.

Encourage the radicals not to obey,

That the virus can spread for another day,

Scatter the army that fights the good fight,

Create fear, hopelessness, and fright,

Let them stare death in the face,

Steal their will to fight,

Take their weapons away,

Create doubt in what their leaders say,

That is how it is done,

Then hit them hard

At the going down of the sun!

Be cunning and clever,

Like the snake,

Let them in their shoes quake,

Let them know there is nowhere to go,

Nowhere is safe and no one protected,

Runaway hide,

Curl up, dejected!

The invisible enemy silently strikes,

None of us have seen the likes,

He takes our air and steals our breathe,

His aim is to smoother our life in death.

God at Easter engaged in the battle,

Jesus on the cross his scales did rattle,

He entered the darkness,

Burst forth from death tomb,

Brought redemption for all,

Saved them from doom,

He cast the darkness of death away,

God said to the snake this ends today,

Forgiveness and life is open to all,

Removing the permanence of the fall,

Life is available to all on this day,

Accept Jesus and walk in his way.

The virus of sin,

Has done its dash,

God’s power is almighty,

The victory is won,

His love is supreme,

The devil is done,

For all in time and space,

Freedom for humanity is in place!

Neil P. Schiller


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