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Celebrations and Anniversaries

Time is an elusive concept,

We punctuate it with the events of life,

A new venture is launched with an opening,

Completed projects are celebrated,

Endings are farewelled with a party,

And time continues unabated.

People retire or move on,

Organisations, businesses, and buildings change,

Innovative ideas displace what came before,

People do things differently,

Our memories, precious, displaced by time,

Creating new reality which will in time go the same way.

There is both delight and amazement in progress,

Improvement in technology and infrastructure,

Beautification and growth through learning,

All worthy of enthusiastic applause,

Yet, we miss marvellous things we appreciated and still do,

Special people we lived and worked alongside,

Cherished interactions with relatives and friends,

Places that were meaningful repurposed,

Routines and practices updated,

Changing the picture of life significantly.

A new generation has taken our place,

Implementing new agendas because now is their time.

And we celebrate their zest for life and their uniqueness,

Thrusting happiness into our everyday life.

Anniversaries celebrate the past like a comma in a sentence,

So that we can pause for breath and continue our journey,

Benefitting from what has come before as blessings continue to flow.

Life is wonderful and the joy we have is in the relationships we share.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 16 October 2022

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