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In the eyes of the little ones,

There is a sparkle

As the Christmas lights

Throughout the neighbourhood,

Shine brightly each night.

Christmas is coming,

Gifts are prepared to be shared,

As classes finish for the year.

Holidays are here!

Adults feel it too,

Time is rushing on,

So much to be done!

Works functions, kids’ parties too!

Presents to buy,

Groceries, drinks, and holiday plans,

Such are the seasons demands.

Decorations appear everywhere,

Red, green, gold, silver, and blue,

Lights on houses and displays too,

The shops are crowded,

Carols ring out and goodwill is expressed,

Around and about,

People prepare for their feasts.

What a year we have had,

Countless are glad to see it end,

We need a celebration, time with family and friends,

To comfort each other and forget the hardships of the year,

Christmas will distract us from worries and fear,

Of war in the Ukraine, floods, prices, inflation, and the pressures of life,

It is time to savour the good things of life!

But there is more to this holiday period we know,

How far ajar will I allow my heart to go?

Will I seek to know the love that stands behind this show?

The love which comes without demands

And freely gives without taking by the other hand,

You see it is hope that is offered to everyone,

That God’s love comes to all in every land.

Will we take the legacy that is here,

Not just the presents and happiness found on Christmas Day,

But the knowledge that we can live in a new way,

Our perspective changed to face each day,

Looking for good and encouraging others,

Thankful for the grace that has come,

From God sending us His Son.

Neil P. Schiller

06 December 2022

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