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Crossroads Intersect Life

Debilitating weakness intersects with powerful strength,

Mindboggling confusion intersects with unassailable wisdom,

Deep sorrow intersects with exhilarating joy,

Drowning despair intersects with soaring hope,

Desperate crying intersects with bold speaking,

Tentative crawling intersects with capable walking,

Concrete cognition intersects with abstract theory,

Emotional turmoil intersects with glorious peace,

Inadequacy intersects with agile confidence,

Serious illness intersects with effervescent health,

Suffering slaughters all abilities to cope with the world around us,

Laying in the hospital bed fighting the invisible bodily invasion,

Banishes all thought of the attainments and trappings of worldly success,

The big barns built over the years to store our treasures are suddenly irrelevant,

Burdened beyond our own strength to heal ourselves we can sink into denial,

Or recognise our hopelessness is our doorway to hopefulness.

Our independent, self-sufficient strength is a lie, and we reach out for help.

It is then that our heart is open to receive the help and comfort from God,

To be encouraged by the intersection of Jesus with humanity to bring grace and mercy,

And so, accept the identity freely given to us through Jesus as children of the Father and heirs of Heaven.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 7 February 2021

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