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Cultural Overreaching – Unrealised Utopian Dreams

Humanistic legislation promises moral freedom,

Individuals claim recognition of specific gender identity,

Society opens to all desires of love being legalised,

Financial capacity empowers fulfillment of wants,

The new land of the possible is laid out to be grasped,

The world is globalised, and technology reaches into space,

Life should be perfect as Western culture stands supreme,

Seemingly spirituality has been divorced from Christianity,

As humanity journeys further towards self-defining belief,

Building towers and skyscrapers reaching into the sky,

Suddenly there is the interruption of world-wide fear,

Lockdown, work restrictions, perilous evil slithers in,

People die in unprecedented numbers everywhere,

Contemporary culture has vomited up a terminal crisis,

Darkness has descended over the globe,

Modernity scrambles to rescue the planet scientifically,

New vaccines produced hoping to eradicate disease,

Churches called on to pray to a God rejected by society,

The crisis displays the consequences of seizing control,

Taking over the power of life and death for ourselves,

We see our own limits defined,

Humanity fails to solve all dilemmas of the ecosystem,

Having expelled God from government we legislate hope,

We try to isolate the virus by building walls between people,

Yet, the rules are broken by the very people they protect,

Self determination has been claimed as their right,

Individuals’ follow their own desires to break rank,

Borders are crossed to fulfil personal desires,

Others suffer as the evil continues to strike another community,

The world has invited bankruptcy investing in internalised self-belief,

In the vacuum of our culture who can help us.

What choices do we have?

Where can hope to be found?

Who holds the answers to our sustained survival?

Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68)

Neil P. Schiller

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Inspired by Mark Sayers, “The Hope for Renewal in the Rise of Our Post-Christian Culture. REAPPEARING CHURCH.

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