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Dream Again – Jesus is Alive!

“The Dreams that God places in your heart never die” (preached Mark Edwards),

In a sermon in November with Christmas hope in his eyes,

Simeon and Anna in the Gospel of Saint Luke,

Realised Simeon’s dream of seeing Jesus before he would die.

Mary and Joseph brought their baby to the temple,

According to the custom forty days after birth,

They presented him for blessing and naming him that day,

Because the angel that appeared to Mary that did say.

These faithful believers in the promises of God,

Looked forward with eager hearts and dreamed,

God’s son would change their world and He,

The one foretold saviour would be.

In our world today many disappointments come,

Covid Nineteen has devastated lives and made us numb,

Lives lost and economic failure have brought despair,

But God’s promises and dreams for us are still for us to share.

We must continue to look to Jesus Christ today,

And read the stories that have been constantly retold,

That have appeared on church widows and our book so old,

Still the dreams that God has given us we must hold.

Preparing for Christmas and all the holidays that come,

Even though the year has been tough and taken some, (people and things we own)

We must remember that God is bigger than all the fears we have faced,

We have dreams that He rekindles for us through His grace.

The cross replaced the manger, and the tomb was where He lay,

But as He promised the people,

On the third day He would rise again,

To take the sins of all the world and wipe them clean away.

With His resurrection He has brought new life,

A hope and a future far removed from this world’s strife,

We are all winners through the gift of faith He gives,

And we have confidence that our dream lives!

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 15 November 2020

(Inspired by Pastor Mark Edwards Sermon at City Hope Church on this day)

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