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Updated: Jun 1

All have a desire to be,

Emotionally balanced at ease,

Set free,

Freedom to explore the abundance of life,

Released from the baggage of burdens,

That make mind and body strife.

We want to be free,

Alive with mental space,

Where new freshness dwells,

Open to new adventures,

Energised and well,

Free from strain and pain.

Tap, tap, tap, and say,

Even though yesterday,

All did not go as planned,

I accept and love myself,

This I know,

Meridian tapping affirms it so.

Mind, body, and soul,

Together I am complete and whole,

Working in harmony,

Empower my life to be,

Happy, contented, alive and free,

Abounding in goodness for me.

Neil P. Schiller

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

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