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Encouragement! (Spiritual reflection)

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

God is my life

He has comforted me,

I am changed,


Miracles happen every day, we just don’t recognise them,

because in today’s world our eyes and ears do not know,

how to read the signs!

Kingdom living is life in community!

Be aflame for God! Be in the Word and hear the voice of Jesus! Through His word we have life and energy and happiness. Our life has meaning and purpose. We are called into service; to share in the work of the kingdom! Live for Jesus and share the love of the Father for the world. We can do that in so many ways. Help a friend put up a shelf in a bathroom, mow a lawn for a neighbour who is struggling with getting old, hold a baby for a young mother who is struggling to get anything done, do the dishes in the sink or just ask people how they really are and be a friend. Show love by taking the time to care! This is what Jesus asks us to do; love one another as I have loved you!

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