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God is about Relationships and Living from the Heart

God’s love is unconditional,

The old covenant was with Israel.

Rules and observances were the way,

To worship and honour God in THEIR day.

Sacrifices brought forgiveness,

For the wrongs and sins committed.

Jesus changed all that,

When in the temple the curtain ripped,

Putting away the contract that was made,

For the Israelites of Moses day.

Jesus ushered in a new era,

He brought in the new covenant,

The one that we now walk.

Jesus is about relationships,

In which the heart is guide,

Cause’ it is in Jesus love we now abide,

He sent the Holy Spirit,

To speak to us within,

To lead us in decision making,

And live apart from sin,

The motivation we have in life,

Is to serve our Father in love,

Not to keep the laws of old,

Rather to show our love back to Him in service bold.

The gospel is what inspires us,

It is in happiness we speak,

About Jesus, what He has done for us and encourage,

Others Him to seek,

We thrill to tell the story,

Of how he lived life here for real,

He understands our pain and suffering,

And all the emotions that we feel,

He wants to give us life abundantly,

And spoils us as good fathers do,

To enjoy our personality,

And see the great things with our talents done too.

He created us in his image,

As people born to live,

Practicing in community,

How to care for each other – give,

And in relationships be strong to live.

We need to stop thinking and being guided by the law,

Because that is not the way to come to God anymore.

We are people of the New Covenant,

The old one is obsolete,

So, let us get with God’s blessings,

And enjoy relationships sweet.

It is choosing what is right to do,

Because the choice for others is good,

Resulting in outcomes that build the family,

And strengthen the neighbourhood.

There is nothing to be gained by living by the laws of old,

For that would mean being constrained by all the other stuff they were told,

We now have freedom to worship anywhere,

In the car, at work or at home,

Jesus walks beside us,

Our body is a temple,

Our heart the Spirit’s home.

Love will tell us how others will be affected by what we do,

The Spirit in our heart will tell us God’s view.

It is He that we listen to with ears open wide,

And through His gentle leading,

In God’s love we reside.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 7 June 2020

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