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God toils each day,

Working to save humanity,

With a physician’s precision,

Focusing in on every minute part,

Weaving support for every heart,

To offer healing in every situation,

Striving to bring healing,

To each person in every nation.

His work is intense and complicated,

As He structures support,

Preparing people and organisations,

In advance as rescue operations,

Available to be accessed by people and nations,

Seeking help and restoration,

In times of trouble and calamity,

To bring hope and new reality.

A way of escape is set in place,

Each second in time in every space,

Is filled with potential to be used,

Impossible danger to be defused,

Avoiding horrendous significant tragedies,

Relieving pressures – preserving integrity,

Interdependencies guarded from implosion,

Protection many from explosion.

Every person ever born,

Is cared for with precision,

As they weave through delicate pathways,

Making millions of choices,

Charting their days,

Unaware of the dangers,

Lurking in the shadows,

Possibly blocking the way.

Our Father takes loving care,

Ensuring that a way of escape is there,

He wants all to come to know His Son,

That they see the victory He has won,

His life offered in our place,

That all in time and space will be,

Alive with all the generations gone before,

In heaven to praise our Father forever more.

Neil P. Schiller

07 September 2023

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