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Good Friday and Spiritual Corona Virus (The C 19 disease of sin and evil, hate and violence)

(Today it is not hard to see the C-19 Crisis as a foreshadowing of the reality of sin and evil, death, and violence in our world today, and the way God has provided a way of escape for humanity through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Sin and evil in the world are far worse than C-19, which can only destroy our life on earth; failure to accept the saving work of Jesus means an eternity separated from God.)

Today we come to Calvary,

We see on the cross,

An itinerant teacher,

A carpenter’s son,

A man and a preacher,

Dying in pain.

How is that man,

Connected to me?

What crime has he done?

Pilot the Governor did not see,

He gave in to the crowd,

Condemned him to die.

The soldiers on duty,

Lifted the cross,

There he suffered

There he bled

On that cross,

Until pronounced dead.

Truly He was God’s Son,

From the Bible we know,

God placed our sin,

On His son’s head,

Paying the price,

For the life we led.

Three days then passed,

He rose from the tomb,

Forgiveness for all,

A new life through Him,

Now is ours,

Instead of carrying our sin!

The devil is squashed,

The virus is slain,

That is the reason,

That Jesus came,

He truly has won victory,

He is God’s Son.

Neil P. Schiller

Friday, 10 April 2020

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