Grab it by its tail?

We don’t know

Where we’ll go

We don’t know

When it will be,

We don’t know,

How long it will take,

Before we are free.

We cannot know the future,

With definite certainty,

We can plan courageously,

Working diligently for success,

Preparing all the requirements,

Intentionally doing our best,

Hoping to pass each test.

We line up all the markers,

We invest the resources we have,

We take advice from experts,

We anticipate the barriers we know exist,

Pressing all our energies,

To ensure nothing is amiss,

Then accelerate through the mist.

We assess the progress,

As the test data returns,

We look expectantly,

To see what we can learn,

Are the measures taken,

Producing the goods?

And to what degree?

Attitude and values,

Guide the perspective,

For interpretation,

Wisdom and experience,

Allow for explanation,