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Growing in Wisdom (a lesson from the Ants)

What makes people wise?

What is it that they carry inside?

That motivates them to be,

The clever people that I see.

Day after day they navigate their way,

Along the road of life,

As they travel along their path,

They seem to avoid getting into strife.

Wise people seem to have,

A radar of sorts,

That keeps them from tripping,

And looking for last resorts!

Wisdom can be learnt,

It grows each passing day,

As a child grows to adult,

Observing wisdom’s way.

The metaphor of the ants,

Is spelt out by their name,

They adopt an attitude of Initiative,

Getting busy is their fame.

Their nature is amazing,

Integrity their art,

They take responsibility,

To finish what they start.

Ants work hard,

Starting repeatedly,

Rebuilding with a thirst for industry,

To achieve for that which they came.

They have a source of insight,

To provide for the winter’s coming,

Before Summer is spent,

And so, out of food not running.

They live by exercising values,

Through living them out in what they do,

Talking about those values,

Produces nothing new!

Ants are very tiny,

But they certainly know,

That learning through action,

Is how they get what they need to grow!

Neil P. Schiller 01.05.20

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