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Hanrahan’s Band Ignore the Warning

There was this poem about a man,

Who always took the worrying view of doom,

No matter what the situation in the land,

Hanrahan could only see the outcome of gloom.

We’ll all be ruined was his fervent judgement,

Be it rain or drought the weather would bring a clout,

The people all around were bound to struggle,

Too little or too much would certainly catch them out.

No matter what the situation or the event,

Hanrahan had the pessimistic inner eye,

Those people everywhere around about,

By force of nature plans would go array.

Life is hard, tough, and raw,

According to his constant recollection,

In this hot and barren country down under,

Farming in the Mallee country a poor selection.

Hanrahan of course lived long ago,

With the early settlers he cleared the land,

That he survived at all with such an attitude,

Was as mysterious as the wind-blown sand.

His prelection for pessimism,

Has lived on in some folk still,

Even when the scientific facts are clearly presented,

Those people see no proof to go against their will.

Take Covid-19 as a case in point,

Vaccines have been developed and tested,

Found to protect the injected from serious illness,

Yet they are adamant they will not risk it.

Even though the virus in the community is rampant,

They gather in the capital cities to protest safety measures,

Discrimination and restriction are clearly blatant,

No matter what government has no right to take their treasures.

It’s my body and no one can tell me I need to be injected,

I have my rights to work and play and go where I want,

Bugger anyone who gets in my way,

Lockdowns, masks, and vaccination are rejected.

Hanrahan and his like take their pessimistic stand,

Knowing that Covid-19 ’s rampage continues in our land,

Mass gatherings and travel spread this grim reaper,

The unvaccinated are fair game to join the reaper’s band.

The Government and most of the population,

Believe the ‘Hanrahans’ put the nation at serious risk,

That as the borders open and traveller return,

The spread of C-19 and the Delta strain will be brisk.

Neil Schiller

18 November 2021

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