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Heart and Life Struggles

Heart and life struggles are not who we are,

They do not define our identity,

Yet they should not be minimized,

Our identity is a gift breathed into us at birth,

Filling the human vessel with potential,

To fulfill the purpose in action for God,

Who in his glory created us to live in hope and courage,

Under the umbrella of his awesome love and benevolence,

Living in the light of His resurrected compassionate Son,

Navigating the pathway through illness, suffering and loss of life,

Stunningly encouraged and comforted by God’s amazing grace,

Recognising that He transforms weakness, failures, and disasters,

Into strength, new finishes, and victories by the power of the resources He provides,

He uses the very things we want to be rescued from to bring newness of life,

He surrounds us with relationships of comfort, soothing grace, and active healing,

To renew relationships, to lift broken spirits and to re-energise the powerless,

The Saviour’s love lights up life and opens the door, drawing us into the eternal light,

Where we are no longer broken, depressed and overwhelmed by the powerful, life-shaping experiences that have assailed us,

They are real, we must travel with them on our journey, but they do not identify us,

For we have been bought with a price and transformed into citizens of the kingdom of LOVE.

We are the children of God; we are sons and daughters of the King of Kings, the Lord God Almighty, the Sovereign Ruler of heaven and earth!

That is our identity!

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