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How was your week someone asked,

How was your week someone asked,

Pretty full on came the reply,

What does that mean they said,

So many appointments with information bouncing around in our heads,

And so many realities and instructions to shed light,

On the challenging experiences that will happen.

Opting out is not an option,

This is the rocky road that must be travelled,

Pain, fear, and concern are all part of what will come,

Side effects from treatment,

The severity and length of stay uncertain,

The toll they will take on our energy we cannot comprehend,

But we are encouraged by the staff on whom we depend,

God is our strong deliverer and in Him we trust,

Our commitment is to follow Him,

Be satisfied, grateful for what we have,

We take that as a must,

For the love received and for the blessings God has given,

It is these things which have brought true happiness,

It is the commitment we have first to God and then to each other,

Family and friends and all the people God has provided to give us help along the way,

The kind actions and words, the gentle touch, plus the smile,

They all mean so very much,

Especially when the path is difficult and not distinguishably clear,

Yet the fact remains that the transplant is drawing near,

Tubes of blood taken for testing and vital signs measured and recorded,

Transfusions, infusions, aspirations, sedations all have their place,

In the mix of all this, time must be found to keep the black dog in the pound!

There is no time for negativity as hope is lifted by faith and love in the God,

He created heaven and earth and He sends His Spirit to all who believe in Jesus,

These gifts are faith, hope and love.

The same Spirit empowers us to believe and blesses us with powerful fruits that enrich our lives,

Those fruits nourish and sustain us in good times and in troubled times,

As we committed to each other in our marriage vows to love each other with these promises,

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live,

And what fruits they are that we have been given and thankfully received,

There is none better,

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control,

We also have three gifts that are common to all who believe in Jesus as God’s Son and our Saviour,

Faith, hope and love,

These three gifts will always remain,

Significantly, hope is found positioned between faith and love as a sure and certain reality,

God is able and His purposes are fulfilled in us in our lives as He works for good in all situations.

We remember the blessings of the past and the awesome life He has given to us,

We give Him thanks and praise!

Neil P. Schiller 5/6 March 2021

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