Energy of spirit ... reflecting God's love

It is what we are that really counts,

The Beatitudes of Jesus are about character-attitudes and actions,

God calls us to express them in our life of reflecting his love,

Blessing the people around us as we give Him glory and praise.

This is the energy of spirit of a disciple,

It is the spark that ignites daily existence,

Transforming the heart anew each day,

No matter the situation, the challenges that arise,

We can see beyond the temporal weather of the context,

To know that we are secure in the Father’s love and faithfulness,

Assured through His Word of promise,

We already live within His eternal kingdom and have nothing to fear.

Together with all the saints the songs we sing rise in praise,

The wonder of being included in the worship of the whole company of heaven,

Confessing, proclaiming, sharing, and delighting in God’s almighty power,

Knowing Him as the all knowing, all powerful and ever present King of Glory,

Experiencing the radiance of His love, compassion, and joy,

That He has in showering His abundant blessing upon us.

As we journey through the varied experiences of each day,

Our trust and conviction in Jesus stands firm and true,

Confidence is unquestioned,

No matter what we face,

Hope stands rock solid, grounded on you.

Christmas and Easter chase darkness away,

Visible, tangible grace is always on display,

There is nowhere the light of God’s love,

Cannot penetrate and blaze brightly,