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Ipswich at Christmas (Poems)

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

1. Father Christmas came tonight in an army jeep

Two smiling men from Raceview

Were in the front and driver’s seat

Santa sat behind them

Taking all the room

A great big bag of lolly packets

On each side of him

To give to children soon

2, They come every year

On the Friday before

the last week of school

To remind us that Christmas is near

And will very soon be here

It is a time to celebrate

And bring around some cheer

To make us all smile and laugh

Next week is the last in the school year!

3. Wayne you are a marvel

Barry and Santa too!

You have a love for community

That’s matched by very few!

The huge Christmas Tree

bearing lights – not a few

bring out the happy smiles

of people in Race and Flinders View

4. How is it that at Christmas?

We see a renewed delight.

In getting together

For fun and put up coloured lights

There is acknowledgement of others

Even music in the stores

It is a time to spend with friends

And open our home’s doors.

5. It is a festive season

Across the world observed

After a busy year and economic threat

A time for rest deserved

A time when people can stop

And again, get a grip

Taking time to remember

That a little baby came

6. He is a special child

No one can deny

He arrived in a stable

Under a starry sky

His Father had sent him

From heaven to earth

To rescue humanity

And bring goodwill and happiness

To a suffering earth!

7. Christmas you see

Has many symbols for good

We hear about the shepherds

The angels in the field singing

Hearing news from God

The baby in the manger

Is God’s only son

Come down from heaven

Born of a virgin mum!

8. We should all be dumb founded

Alive and full of cheer

Cause on this day of Christmas

God banished loneliness and fear

Jesus would deliver

Freedom from sin

And open heaven’s gates

For the humble to enter in!

9. Everyone is invited to accept

The precious gift of God

To follow the path of faith

Believing Jesus trod

To the cross to die

And rose up from the dead

Treading on the evil snake

To squash and crush his head.

10. And so, we celebrate

A welcome holiday

The food, the drinks, the presents

And the gifts from God

of everlasting happiness,

peace and truth and love

And know that we are welcome

To come and meet you, God!

Accept this gift at Christmas

and join the angels sing

and in faith believe Jesus came

to be your saviour and King!

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