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This morning I woke up to begin a new day,

Each breath I take is no mistake,

It is a miracle in its own way.

Life is amazing and cannot be explained,

How is it that I am here with grandchildren at play.

Or the time in which we live, for which we have no say.

No individual can determine these aspects of life,

Parents, birthplace, appearance, and talents,

Are inherited and us describe,

Environment and time also define,

Potential and opportunities to thrive,

Like the choice of occupation during our lifetime.

Some would say natural selection is what it is,

Others take a different view,

Saying God created purposeful individuals,

Giving them the specifications for the job they will do.

Other still talk of luck, chance, or destiny,

Or take life as it comes as they don’t have a clue.

Perspective is a wonderful thing,

Depending on where we stand interpretation varies

as to how much impact experiences bring.

Beliefs and values further guide emotions,

Raising expectation or causing destabilisation

as we confront the state of the nation!

It is on reflection that we might understand,

That cause and effect do not always equate,

And Science too cannot explain,

Why the outcomes of what we experienced came.

Could it be that intervention occurred in a particular way,

To prevent disaster that threatened to maim!

Life is fragile and that we know,

Between life and death is a single breath.

Yet from horrendous accidents unscathed individuals can walk away,

While others do not see another day.

Is it chance or luck that determined fate?

Or a miracle that came into play?

The leukaemia growth the Haematologists confirmed,

Four days later had disappeared,

A person without a pulse for forty-five minutes revived,

Exhibiting no brain damage and survived,

Why a patient died on the operation table,

Yet another injured patient becomes stable?

Miracles do still occur today,

No wisdom can explain them away!

We cannot understand some events we see,

Nevertheless, there they be.

Thank God is what believers say,

How blessed we are, it is that way!

Neil P. Schiller

Saturday, 14 January 2023

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