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Living is like learning – it is a process!

Push through the difficult,

Problem solve the hard stuff,

Set a course towards achieving the desired outcome,

Learn what needs to be done,

Then put in the work.

Plans are important,

By planning a journey begins,

Realities beyond our control are cause for correction,

Like a wind change to a yacht,

Tacking is essential.

As in sailing, so in life,

Help is available to us,

Knowledge of what is happening around us,

Provides us with confidence to make decisions,

Look, see, analyse, choose, and do.

Trust and faith in plan and hold fast to the principles,

Must be held firmly in strong hands,

To stay the course to the end,

Courage is needed and determination,

Heroes before us have shown us the way.

Be faithful and hold fast to what is good,

Don’t slacken off,

Use all the resources available,

Know and apply the teachings,

Seek the power given by the Spirit.

Doing nothing is not an option …God sent us help!

Reach out and grasp it with both hands!

Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life. (Revelations 2:10)

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 15 August 2021

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