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Humility and respect,

Service and sacrifice,

Strong and courageous,

Living an authentic life.

Loving and supportive,

Encouraging and kind,

Compassionate and brave,

Inspiration for health.

Determination in practice,

Valuing all people,

Of every gender and race,

Anchored in the faith.

Jesus’ out-stretched arms,

Offering forgiveness,

Healing and love,

Driving fear away.

The legacy of faith,

A gift of mystery and grace,

Under God’s majesty,

Lift your face.

The journey is ongoing,

Each life an open book,

Read by those who look,

At the road they took.

Interpreting the choices,

Judgements made,

Actions have spoken,

Invitations displayed.

A cloud of witnesses,

Daily live their life,

Reconciliation recommending,

A free eternal life.

God forces no one,

Belief is a choice,

Heaven’s angels sing,

Worshipping the King.

The Lamb of God,

Jesus the Son,

Cherishes all people,

Who to God come.

Neil P. Schiller

Thursday, 1 July 2021

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