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Lord, you never give up on me,

As I struggle along life’s way,

You have a plan for me,

That you, O God, prepared,

Before my first day.

You crafted my body cell by cell,

In my mother’s womb,

Uniquely gifted in abilities,

Placed me in a family,

To learn who I would be.

You loved me from the very start,

Before I drew breath,

You loved me as a toddler,

You loved me as a child,

You love me as I grow old.

You are always with me,

Guiding me on my way,

Even in my struggles and failings,

You do not go away,

Your presence is my stay.

Fear is not an option,

Worry cannot pull me down,

Your spirit powers my heart,

To blast away the darkness,

Like the new day’s start.

Faith’s journey is brightest,

When I am at my weakest,

Aware I have no power,

Trusting my Lord Jesus,

Victory blossoms into flower.

Each day is one of worship,

Sharing kindness and love,

In the things I do and say,

Living in the footsteps of Jesus,

And walking in his way.

Neil P. Schiller

27 February 2021

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