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Made in the image of God

Unique, so little, so profound,

Tiny and delicate,

Fresh and new,

A miniature person,

Is an image of You.

The first time I saw them,

I was emotionally charged,

Mysterious, glorious, precious,

A little one utterly radiant

With a dignity sublime,

Wonderfully created,

A life joined to mine.

A little girl and a little boy,

Each so different,

Bringing heartfelt joy,

Words lack power,

To express the emotion,

Of parents and family,

To express their devotion.

Cards given,

Flowers presented,

Clothes and teddies,

Blankets and toys,

To welcome and express delight,

That a baby has come,

To bond with dad and mum.

Nothing compares,

To such a great event,

Seeing for the first time,

A baby so new,

A gift from God,

Designed especially for you.

Neil P. Schiller 3 September 2022

Reminiscing on the birth of Eva and Levi (June 22nd and June 29th, 2022)

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