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Me (Poems)

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

1. As a little boy I was quiet and shy

A humble farmer’s son

One of five boys to mum

And the second to come.

2. The five boys were known

As polite, neat and happy

They played for the football team,

Two of them were snappy!

3. Those two excelled at sport

But that was not me

Oh, I did OK, I suppose,

But a champion I’d never be.

4. My father was a Christian man

A Lutheran through and through

He fought bravely in World War Two,

In Dutch New Guinea and the Islands.

5. He married the youngest sister of a soldier mate,

Whom he visited after the war on his farm

Courted her and introduced his brother

And he married her sister too!

6. Dad always said he wanted to be a Pastor

But he never had the chance to study

Instead his father directed him

To farm the ground for money.

7. So, when it came time for me

To choose what I would do,

The choice was long ago decided

I should that career pursue.

8. It was to college that I went,

To learn Latin and English well,

Then in the years to follow

Go to Luther Seminary to dwell.

9. Never have I regretted

The years of study there,

God’s word inspired and enlightened me

But as my career it was not to be.

10. Teaching kids was more my passion

So, I finally resigned my space,

Went home to tell my father,

Downcast was his face!

11. University followed strong

And graduate I did,

Distinction, credits were received,

Then off to Enfield I was bid.

12. It was not easy, I’ll admit

To teach the biggest class at school,

Thirty-three Year Six and Sevens,

Some who sometimes played the fool.

13. Four years I toiled with Hoffy there,

Then calls to Principalship came,

Three at once there were

But it was Gatton who won my name.

14. By this time, I was married,

To a wonderful young bride,

She was a Kindergarten teacher,

A great person to have at my side!

15. The new school started with only a few,

But it was not long before it grew,

The years passed quickly,

There were now three in my family instead of two.

16. Another call came and off we went,

Back to Adelaide for more time spent,

Twins arrived and the school grew,

But my principalship from there went.

17. And so, it was to Bethany in Queensland

That I took another call,

To once again a fulltime teacher be,

I really loved the place as you will see.

18. Here it was our children grew,

And as well as teach I studied too,

Administration took my fancy,

Again, a principalship to ensue!

19. A church was built and the school demolished,

New buildings built and curriculum polished,

Teachers came as the school grew,

Stage Based education flourished.

20. The years went on at a pace,

Thirty years passed in time,

And suddenly I was not fine,

God called for me to resign.

21. It was to hospital I went,

A Double Bypass quickly done,

The ticker fixed – not much fun,

But God another victory won.

22. And so, today, here I stand

Famous words that Luther said,

There is more to do for God yet,

You must get up out of bed.

Neil P. Schiller 08.12.19

(written before church on the day LEA presented a Service to Lutheran Schools Award for over 40 years in Lutheran Education)

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