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On a String or Hanging by a Thread!

Humanity has a tenuous fragility,

Reality is punctuated by spaces,

The ventilator pauses before rising again,

Air takes up its appointed place

Life then goes on.

The mind is always engaged and at work,

Like a computer hidden by its shell,

The brain at work is not visible,

Yet the calculations and processes go on,

Making the body function.

Who knows the architecture of the virus,

As it reacts with its host deep inside,

Plotting its strategic invasion on the cells,

Seeking to spread its weapons to destroy,

Causing symptoms to disturb.

Yet the intricacies of the microscopic systems,

Are robust and resilient - made for a lifetime,

The length of which is unknown

We are not given the specifications of our unique model,

Or advised if our allotted time has been modified.

Storms intercept our days and nights,

Car accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, human interventions,

Crash through individual realities to strike us down,

Near misses happen and the bullet is avoided,

We continue seeking our direction.

The clock ticks on as we go about the business of life,

We hear the news of another politician removed from power,

Korea has tested a new missile successfully,

A family of three is destroyed by a driver on ice,

Where is the fairness in that?

Hair changes colour and skin is scourged by a hot rash,

Fans continue to hope their ticket for the NRL will still be validated,

Covid 19 hovers with the intent of bringing another lockdown,

Did a tornado really hit Narrabri demolishing homes?

Another song tops the charts on the radio.

Neil P. Schiller


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