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“…on earth as it is in heaven” or Kingdom Culture

God has called us to life in His kingdom on earth,

That extends ahead of us into eternity.

This is what we pray when we pray as Jesus taught us,

That the life we wish to live is in keeping with that in heaven.

When we know our Father through knowing Jesus,

And take on their values in instinctive reaction to our problems and opportunities,

We begin to live in the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven.

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see the Father’s heart.

While God is in charge, He handed over control to humanity to choose how to live,

God forces Himself, and His way of living, on no one,

He is good, He is holy, and He loves all His creation,

God wants all to know Him and for all people to be saved,

He lives in the realm where all things are possible and He invites us into His world,

He invites us to ask in faith for all our needs that we may receive His favour.

Jesus’ blood paid for everything on the cross,

There is nothing we will ever need because Jesus did it all on the cross,

God loves every person and they are significant in His eyes,

When these life-changing truths are truly embraced,

They shape how we think and what we value,

We learn to live and do what our Father does,

We begin to think and say and hear what our Father says,

Our faith explores where we know God is good,

When I see how wonderful God is,

I want to represent His heart through my creative capacity to live with passion,

We have been given such love to live in love for others because God has…

Given us His kingdom to enjoy and it is totally awesome!!

Neil P. Schiller Sunday, 27 September 2020

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