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Overcoming serious illness (Poems)

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Inside my head the feeling is strong,

There is a sense of vexation

The equilibrium of balance is all wrong

I don’t have a headache

And vision is not blurred

I am a little nauseous

And feel a bit left skewed.

It is rather annoying as I need to close my eyes

To think and concentrate

Because my mind seems tired

I wonder when this vacuous feeling

Will exit from my head

And once again be able

To do the things I want to do

And finally move ahead.

I want to explore

The panorama of life that has come to me,

Where the constraints of time are less confined

To hours constrained by the daily tasks of work prescribed

That now there is choice

Available for me to decide

How time might be spent.

I know I need to be patient

my surgery was a success

And given more time

I will return to be much improved

And graduate from doing so much less

Focusing on the positives is the wise thing to do

As attitude fosters healing in mind and body too.

The time will come once again ,

To participate fully in life

When I can serve in the community

without getting into strife

Using the many skills developed

Throughout my working life.

That said and done

Time also to have more fun!

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