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Powerhouse - a battle song (Song Lyrics)

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

1. I am a powerhouse

I am a powerhouse

I am a powerhouse

Because God is at work in me


Fight, fight, fight

With all my might

Jesus is with me

As I walk in his light

The shades of dark

Are sent away

God's love is leading

My life each day

2. I am Okay

Cause I no longer live

My life my own way

Jesus has changed me

3. Oh, how he loves me

How can I be

Anything other

Than he has made me

4. His power

Is the driving force

Charting my course

Jesus is at work in me

5. I will not fear

Jesus is here

He gives me heart

To share his love.

Neil P. Schiller 2016

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