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Pray Until His Peace Comes and Keep on Praying

Nothing has changed,

God is still faithful,

He has not forgotten us,

He is still in control sustaining creation,

He still calls us to come to Him,

It is in times of trouble,

We remember God and move toward Him,

It is in the storms and challenges of life,

That growth and development in our relationship to God is strengthened,

We focus on God and dialogue on the reason,

For our suffering and ask Him for answers to our problems,

As we chat, we realise that we are not alone,

In His presence we find comfort in sharing,

God has been waiting for us to come,

We remember how good it is to be with Him,

We know again His goodness and feel His grace,

We needed to pause and rest in God’s goodness,

Especially when hardships come which have distracted us,

We can breathe in the happiness that is our relationship,

We may not have control over our own circumstances,

Or what others do,

But God is with us and suddenly,

There is a change in and around us,

We do not need to be anxious,

The Lord of life is with me,

He has given me integrity,

He gives me courage, He gives me hope,

I can lean into Him,

As I pray and talk to Him the fear feeling disappears,

I am comforted,

Just being with Him soothes me,

I am reassured,

I know I can trust in His love for me,

I can look forward knowing He is with me as I journey onwards,

I remember again the feeling of being safe,

He reveals to me the desires of my heart,

I again feel the warmth of knowing,

That my innermost need is to be with Him,

Sharing my feelings and my needs with Him,

Is rich and precious to me,

I know that He feels the same way,

This is the intimate relationship He wants with me all the time,

He wants to be present in my life,

To give me the opportunity to have the peace,

That will go with me on the life road I travel.

My Father can deal with my fears and insecurities,

He brings clarity to my confusion,

He gives me assurance that He has solutions for my fears,

He gives understanding of what my real needs are,

He reveals to me what is important,

He empowers change to happen in me,

He leads me forward,

He provides me with wisdom to hear what He wants me to know,

I see the opportunities available to me in the circumstances of my daily life,

My life is laid out in front of me,

I am safe knowing that nothing can separate me from Him,

He lifts me up,

I can be brave!

I know the end of my life road

I will arrive safely,

What an awesome delight it will be,

To be home!!

Neil P. Schiller


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