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Pretty Much a Normal Day

It is a life of challenge to face our issues,

Seeking to live in love despite the turmoil going on in the world around us,

The hollow emptiness in the stomach making the mind churn,

As the media vomits devastation, desolation, destruction, and disaster,

Moving through the nightly list of tragic events of the day for our consumption,

Not that we can do anything with the knowledge that hurt, and slaughter are in the daily litany,

Imparting over the airways graphic vision of what people do to each other worldwide,

War, Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East embroiled in deadly conflict intent on vengeance,

Soldiers and innocent citizens killed,

Each side justifying their need to fight for occupation rights, taking the leading news of the day away from the ongoing war in the Ukraine.

There is another domestic situation in the suburbs causing a standoff with police,

A six car pile up completely closed the Pacific motorway halting the already clogged freeway,

Too many vehicles for the roads as infrastructure has failed to keep up with population growth,

Meanwhile the Prime Minister announces paid leave for public servants who are in grief over the Voice Referendum,

A nineteen-year-old stole a BMW, crashed it, and has been apprehended,

Bushfires are burning across the Southeast Queensland region and up north at Tara,

Another building company that has been a successful business has gone into liquidation,

More workers as a result have lost their job as Qantas reduces their workforce even though their profit is in the billions,

Palaszezuk has listed her achievements in office in a new video message starting her 369-day campaign for re-election,

The days news closes with the weather report saying that the temperature has been 8 degrees above average and the hot weather will continue until the end of the week.

After all that we are wished a good evening.

That’s the News,

Time to watch something decent on paid TV.

Neil Schiller

Tuesday, 24 October 2023

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