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Reading the signs

My body is communicating powerfully with me, Each day when I get out of bed, It takes its own inventory, Starting with my head, The first thing that comes to mind, Is the degree of clarity, Inside my head, The dashboard is flashing red. How come my head is hurting? Why am I sensing pain? Where is it located? Does it have a name? Tiredness is a factor, Breathing is a chore, TMJ is a causation, But there is more. The water light is flashing, The cells are distressed, 600mls of water, I quickly ingest. Hands and feet, Also complain, Arthritis Is the cause, Arnicaese Cream gives pause. Having breakfast is important, Taking heart medication is a must, Diet and walking complete the treatment, Do all the above or bust!! When not feeling well, Read the signs I must, Adjust my daily routine, And in God I trust. Neil p. Schiller Monday, 8 March 2021

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