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Red Frogs (Poems)

You are chosen,

You are good enough,

You are gifted to serve!

If God says you can,

Who on this planet can say you can’t!

Know you are chosen,

He chose you to go,

You are a world changer,

The Boss has a job for you to do!

Everyone has a gift in their hand,

It is a gift that others need,

A gift that will open a door,

A gift that will break down barriers,

A gift that will invite people to want to come and know Jesus.

If you want to win someone for Jesus,

You need to be a servant,

We all need to learn how to serve,

Not to suck the life out of everything,

It is time that Christians stopped the whinging and be the church.

We need to be angry and not sin,

We need to become the answer we want to see,

Be angry when there are suicides at our school,

Be angry when kids in university lose their life to drugs,

Be angry enough to do something!

It does not need to be something big for God to use it.

It could be as small as…

a little red frog!

Never negate the power…

of little things!

God can do so much with our little things!

He can feed thousands of people…

with a little bit of bread and three fish!

What little things do I have that I can give to God?

Can I give a talent, a little bit of time or share a skill to serve others?

Handing our little red frogs at Schoolies opened doors,

Schoolies chaplains spoke,

The Spirit of God opened hearts,

Young adults were kept safe

Rescued by calling for medical help.

Some asked about the frogs…

Why are you handing them out,

They heard about Jesus

And lives were rescued and changed.

Father thank you for the gifts and the talents

That you have given to us with which to serve others!


Neil P. Schiller 15.03.20

(written after hearing a talk by the founder of Red Frogs)

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