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Remembering Mum (poem written for her 80th Birthday)

Rita Mavis Schiller passed away in December 2017 at the age of 87)

1. If I wrote a poem about my Mum

It would be a tale told stretching back

To times when men and women were tough

As life was hard in the outback.

2. She was a young lass

When a fellow came from the war

To visit her brother

But it was her he saw.

3. Though the younger sister

And he the older brother

They got married

And the other two to one another!

4. Children came

As they do

Five boys for mum

And her sister 3 boys and 2 (girls).

5. Mum and dad worked the farm

Growing crops and tending sheep

They made oaten hay

To feed his brothers cows and his own sheep.

6. The boys grew up

Four got married

They all got jobs

Then it was just Rita and Garry.

7. Life passes quickly it is said

But God gives joy and peace

To those who on His word have fed

Even when news comes that we dread.

8. Throughout our life

We come to know

That it is people

Who set our hearts a-glow

9. There have been many

Dad the prominent one,

The sons they produced together,

Then neighbours with whom much was done.

10. We come today,

Thankful for the past,

Acknowledging God’s grace

And trusting Him to the last!

11. Mum this is your day,

We wish you the very best,

From family and friends,

Thank you we say,

12. Happy Birthday!!

Neil P. Schiller

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