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Responding to the Unexpected is a Call to a Kingdom Adventure

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way that they do,

Why the unexpected comes bounding up to dishearten you,

The plans you have made suddenly are disrupted and now you feel battered,

The new circumstances have turned upside down the vision you had charted.

It is at times like these that we are prompted to recall the purpose of our passion,

How do we react to such an unexpected situation not of our making,

There is potential to make us feeble hearted, cynical, disillusioned with hope departed,

Ready to give up and grow old in ways that we never considered when we started.

The choice we have when unexpected interruptions get in our way,

Is how we react and view the changes that have come into play,

The life plan that was set before us may need us to prepare,

As a transformation must come before we are ready to live there.

God has a special way of working as He always prepares us ahead of time,

For us to be ready, mature, and able to meet His call to take on the task that is mine,

It is often going through the pain, struggles, doubts, and fears,

That strengthens our hearts, minds, and emotions to change up a few gears.

Looking back from where we have come on our journey so far,

It is often apparent that without the experiences there we could not rise so far,

God teaches us how to truly practice faith and trust where He is leading,

That in the journey He has assigned the outcome you will be achieving.

In every season of change there is an opportunity,

To grow in confidence in what we hope for and do not yet see,

That we can lean into full assurance of flourishing fully,

In carrying out the purpose God has created for me to bring to reality.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 20 September 2020

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