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Sitting on a bench in front the Supermarket! (Poem)

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

We’re here to help! The sign says Outside the Woolworth’s supermarket! Yes that is so true! But God tells me I’m here to help And so are you! None of us Are here alone God placed us Where we are so The people around us Do not need To travel life alone! You see it is Love that makes The world A place for us to be As it is through Relationships That I am truly me! When I am alone And travel that road There is no one there To help me To carry That worry load When things go pear shaped And not the way They should Alone I get discouraged And that’s simply No good! God gave me People around me To be Helpful and a Comfort so that I could rise above The the daily struggles That are prone to get To me! God knew we needed each other To make each day The special experience That will encourage us Along the way! The sign in front Of Woolies Is a great one for me And for you Because it tells us That travelling as only one Is travelling One two few! God created us to Service the needs One of another There is no other way To learn How to love Our brother, sister, Father or mother And when they are Not there We have a world full Of friendships we can enjoy And share!

Neil P. Schiller

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