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Spirit Walking

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

You cannot go shopping for the fruits of the Spirit,

They are not sold by the Good Food People,

Spiritual fruit does not grow on trees,

But like good apples, growing starts with seeds.

Jesus' gifts of life were sent to us,

The Comforter plants the seed in our heart,

To be nourished by the Words of life,

That our spirit walk may suffice.

The seed of the Word grows within,

Jesus has freed humanity from sin,

In freedom our heart is transformed,

And in our life fruit is borne.

Christ-like are we in what we do and say,

More and more it is the way we live each day,

Our love grows rich and full and free,

Along with self-control in me.

The old life falls away,

Spirit walking blossoms like sweet peach trees,

Carpeting the way with Love, Joy, Peace, like confetti,

God's blessing on us showered.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 4 October 2020

(inspired by Pastor Ben’s Henschke sermon on Galatians Chapter 5; + Nothing Grace [Part 4], ILP.)

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