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Stress soothers

Manage your time,

Know who you are,

Know who you want to please,

Set clear goals,

Focus on one thing at a time,

Don’t try to do everything yourself,

Enjoy doing things with others and share the fun,

Thank others for the help they give,

Make a habit of prayer,

Take for yourself to reflect and clear your mind,

Take time to enjoy life,

Enjoy the beauty around you,

Look for good not bad,

Be a purveyor of kindness,

Speak with love,

Smile and laugh often,

If you think something good about others say it to them,

Encouragement goes a long way,

Be present in company,

Listen to understand,

Hear with an open heart,

Allow empathy and compassion in,

Don’t take offence

Sort out miscommunication by checking for meaning,

Put the best perspective on the action of others,

Respond with kindness, gentleness and love,

Be humble, patient and bring peace,

Be a welcome balm to all who are hurting, lonely, ill or sad,

Send a caring message to those people,

Support others as you are able,

Surprise them with a small gift,

Use your skills and talents to help others by volunteering,

Look for opportunities to help the aged and the struggling in the community,

Show respect for everyone in speech and action,

Speak with dignity and use words which are unoffensive,

Be the flavour in the community that you desire for yourself and your family,

Sharing, caring and being available brings hope because we are not even alone in isolation,

Virtual reality allows us to see and hear from others if we use it,

Run from selfishness,

Throw hate to the wind,

Forgive at all costs because forgiveness heals our wounds,

Healed wounds give rise to hope and new life which then blossoms into full splendour,

Look within to discover and practice the best image of yourself built into your DNA,

Know and live in the image of God who created you for community where love is made perfect in weakness and the first will be last,

Seek the most important resource you have by opening your heart to your Creator Father,

And all the abundance of His love will be given to you.

Jesus came that you may have life in all its fullness! Follow Him!

Neil P. Schiller

Thursday, 2 April 2020

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