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The Healing of the Paralytic

The four friends came,

They could not get him in,

The house was packed,

It was hard to hear above the din,

Drastic measures were needed,

If Jesus was to heal him.

Since birth he was crippled,

The doctors everything tried,

Initially they were amazed,

He lived and never died,

What sin had his parents done,

The neighbours said to get this son.

The parents had faith that the Nazarene,

Could heal their son if he could be seen,

They talked to their friends and planned a way,

To take him there on a bed-mat that day,

But they could not get him in the house,

No room there for even a mouse!

One bright spark hit the mark,

An idea entered his head,

Let us take him to the roof,

And lower the bed-mat from overhead,

Down into to the room so packed,

That Jesus might heal his legs and back.

Great was the crowd’s surprise,

To see a bed come down from the ceiling inside,

Some were angry that these men would jump the line,

Not knowing what time Jesus would spend,

For healing sick and to people’s needs attend,

And stop the work he was doing for the day.

Jesus smiled as he gazed at these men of faith,

He admired their initiative which was clear,

To get their sick friend an appointment with him here,

He knew that this was a special time to give a message,

“Friend”, Jesus said, “I forgive your sins today,

Get up now and walk away!”

The Pharisees present in the crowd,

Shouted out very loudly in angry voices,

Blasphemy was their angry protestation,

How could this carpenter’s son assume the station,

Of being able to make such a proclamation,

In such a public demonstration!

They quickly rushed to tell the High Priest,

In their heart they planned Jesus activities would cease,

This radical preacher mixed with sinners,

Drank and socialised, eating sumptuous dinners,

Made friends with women of ill repute,

Today’s events are evidence to make this mad man mute!

The Pharisees from that day on,

Began to plan to kill God’s Son,

They spied on all that Jesus said and did,

Among the crowd they daily gathered,

Setting up situations in which to trap him,

So, the High Priest’s guards could arrest him.

Neil P. Schiller Wednesday, 6 May 2020

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