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The Journey (Poems)

It rained overnight,

The air is very still today

There is a calmness to the earth

It is overcast and only puddles

reflect the shadows back above,

In those pools of water the trees

reflect back God's love.

It is cool and peaceful on the train,

at ten in the morning there is no crowd about,

I can hear the air conditioning

and the smooth sound of the wheels over the rails.

The only interruptions are the announcements of the guard

informing the travellers of the progress of the train.

No-one speaks and people mostly sit alone,

Who knows where they are going

as they take their journey on their own.

Are they off to an appointment in the city,

or going off to work?

Is the trip significant

or is it just another day,

in which to venture forth?

Who will they talk to,

who will they see?

Will there be meaning and connection with another person,

such as me?

Are they really happy

or just content to sit on the train,

and is their time well spent?

What are they thinking as the stations pass,

looking out the window?

Do they see the fresh green grass,

cars and people continually in motion?

Where are they all going?

What in life is their passion or devotion?

Is it just a journey and passing of time?

Surely there is more that for them defines their life?

Perhaps it is their family,

people who show them love.

Maybe it is special interests,

a special thing that they love to do,

Could it be that they are not travelling alone,

even though the seat beside them is empty,

in their heart and mind Jesus spirit is at home?

Could it be that they are on a mission

that today will change a person's life?

That through them Jesus will be known,

and He will save their life?

Another soul will come to know,

how wonderful is God's love,

For all who travel on their journey,

through another person, a conversation or a kind action,

there comes in them new birth,

and another traveller welcomes God to be their father

and their journey will continue forever after they leave earth.

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