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The March of the Covid Pandemic

Another year has gone,

I know where it went,

Here I am still at home,

That’s where time was spent.

Lockdown was the cause,

For all the interruption,

Businesses have been decimated,

Through Covid’s disruption.

Office workers were directed to work from home,

Leave the offices empty and work alone,

Stop the spread of Covid by communicating through IT.

A pity about all the food and coffee houses that lost business capacity.

Empty shops appeared as Covid picked up pace,

The Government provided support to partially cover revenue lost,

Scientists searched for a vaccine to quash the Covid strain,

That businesses could be revived from their monetary pain.

In two thousand and twenty-one vaccinations begun,

The vaccines were known by various names,

Astra Zeneca was one by which the elderly were protected.

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson were the next to come

And they were preferred by the younger adults,

Who waited for them to come.

Then the Delta variant strain arrived from overseas,

And soon, Omicron, was the next evolution of the disease.

Before the year ended it was necessary to provide,

A booster dose of vaccine to keep people’s immunity alive,

After having inoculations three,

The population needs to wait and see,

If ongoing vaccinations will need to be.

Now people are feeling deflated,

Wearing masks, social distancing has not abated,

The freedoms we once used to know,

Are in returning very slow,

Travel plans stay uncertain,

Flying and cruising are fraught with cancellation,

Tourism and hospitality industries suffer in desperation.

The Health system is under pressure,

Ambulances ramped and staffing lacking,

Seasonal workers unavailable,

The Pandemic has stopped importation,

Of overseas labour to our nation.

The country’s budget has been blown out,

The Federal Election soon will comes about,

Who knows who will win power,

As circumstances change hour by hour,

Politicians in recent times have resigned,

Criticism and protestations are commonplace,

Our leaders, corruption committees face,

Climate change and natural disasters,

Continue to assume News space.

Change continues at an unprecedented pace!

House prices are inflated, and rents are high,

Entering the New Year people everywhere hope and pray,

That the Covid pandemic will go away!!

Neil P. Schiller

Saturday, 1 January 2022

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