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The Modern Day Mum

The modern-day Mum is a whirlwind,

She is the first up in the morning with much to do,

Not only does she have stuff to do for herself,

But for everyone in the household too!

She organises breakfast, wakes children up,

Gets them dressed, does their hair,

There is teeth to do and while she sips from her cup,

The coffee’s good and growing cold,

Dad is in a spin, cannot find a clean shirt,

Mum’s in demand again and dad rushes out to catch the train.

Then it is time to pack the bags for school,

Lunch boxes in and all the books that the children need,

Lock the house and out to the car,

Grabbing her mobile and her purse.

The kids get in the back, having a spack,

As she drives, she reminds them what is happening after school,

Johnny, you have soccer practice, Mandy I will drop you at dancing first,

Then do some grocery shopping before pick up.

We arrive at school; it is time to drop and go.

Hey, today we made it before the first bell!

Some peace at last she thinks, as she heads off to work in town,

She wonders at what age the children would be when the rush slows down.

Work has many responsibilities,

Nursing is a challenging task,

The patients many questions ask,

But she love the interaction and seeing people recover,

Being ill is stressful for them especially if they are a mother,

They worry for their children and for their other,

The day goes on quickly, thank God for the breaks when she can rest,

It is lovely when she can spend time with colleagues who are the best,

Then it is time for pick-up and doing the taxi run,

The kids are happy to see their Mum and head off to some special fun,

What can I make for dinner she contemplates,

Will my husband be home late, or will his day’s work be done?

Perhaps she can pick up a hot chicken and then there just the vegetables to do,

It has been a busy day and spare minutes have been few.

The drop off are done, off to the supermarket now,

Great it is not busy, she should be in and out in under an hour,

Mrs Smith sees her and wants to have a chat,

The boys are friends and she wants to organise a play date for later in the week,

Then she bumps into her aunty whom she has not seen for weeks,

Must stop and talk, even though it is leaving that she now seeks.

Finally, she is out the door and on the pick-up run,

If she hurries, she will still beat her hubby home.

Arriving home, they grab a snack,

Then the homework tasks unpack,

Get it done before dinner.

As she prepares the vegetables for cooking,

Continually at homework questions she is looking,

Helping the kids to get the job done,

Then they can go outside and have some fun.

She turns on the TV to get the latest news,

Unfortunately, the kids call her away,

One has fallen and scraped a knee,

So, it is inside for the knee to see,

Clean the scrape and disinfect,

Then back to the kitchen the dinner to get.

The table by the kids is set,

Dinner is over the day is spent,

It went so quickly the kids say,

They go clean their teeth, bathe and hit the hay!

Dad arrives, tonight it is late,

She puts his dinner on a plate,

He apologises for being late.

They sit at the table together,

Discuss their day and the weather,

Check what is on the calendar for tomorrow,

This has been a normal day,

Complicated is the way,

That Modern Mums spend their time,

Loving and caring will always be a mother’s lot in life,

Because their children are a gift to them from God that is for life.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 10 May 2020

On Mother’s Day

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