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The News Service and the State of the World

The News Service captured the magnitude of terror and desperation,

Thousands of people trying to cling onto a large American cargo plane taking off,

People of all ages including children running alongside their hope for freedom,

People fall out of the sky who tried to cling to the aircraft but lost their grip on life.

The Taliban has taken over the city of Kabul and the world looks on.

America sends the planes to try to save its own citizens still in the country,

Australia too seeks to get those who worked there out.

The next item of News is just as horrifying as cameras zoom in on the devastation in Haiti,

Two thousand two hundred people wiped out and 300 unaccounted for due to an earthquake,

And the News goes on to announce the ongoing coverage of the march of Covid-19 and the Delta strain across our country,

Then the reporters picks up on the story of a house invasion where two youths stab three innocent family members,

There is no surprise for us as we view these broadcasts of events, as such happenings occur at home and abroad every day.

On the weekend there were protest demonstrations in our capital cities around the country,

People are angry over the lockdowns and becoming violent in the streets,

Police are injured by missiles thrown from the crowd and use pepper spray and rubber bullets,

Arrests are made and the statement is given that the protests will continue each weekend until their demands are met,

The world, our part of it too, is in turmoil, and humanity is being culled by the ‘grim reaper’ in new clothes.

We have seen the rise and fall of many modern plagues and found ways to deal with them,

We saw Cholera, The Bubonic Plague, SARS, Aids/HIV, Ebola virus Disease, The Russian Flu, The Hong Kong Flu, to name just a few,

Domestic violence, abortions and euthanasia take victims as does suicide and car accidents,

And we see death from diseases caused by lifestyles people cannot bear to give away.

We live in a dangerous and hazardous environment which we continue to pollute.

Humanity continues to control all that happens on the planet,

We are all living in a world that for each living thing is transient,

The days of life of every person, animal, bird, plant on land in the sea and in the air is limited,

There are influences on our wellbeing that are outside our control,

People are at the mercy of other people in both positive and negative ways,

Friends need to be chosen carefully.

All people have values and beliefs which guide them through life,

Their world view contributes to their sense of wellbeing,

All acknowledge good and evil exist, and we all have feelings and emotions,

People have dreams, hopes, and desires, and strive to be happy,

All people have a coping mechanism to deal with what is happening around them in the world,

All have a god, even if it is their own ego and ability to care for themselves.

People do suffer and some do give up on life,

There are casualties - the poor, the starving, the diseased and the dying,

I find comfort and strength from knowing that in Jesus God has intervened,

He has sent Him to bring us hope and life,

Jesus walked our path and showed us the way to go home,

We can follow Him or not.

Neil P. Schiller

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

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