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The Passing of a Friend

A person has died that I have known well,

It shocks, surprises, saddens, and disturbs me,

Another relative, friend, work colleague, acquaintance,

Is no longer around to share their presence with me.

Those unique and special people leave a space in my world,

Which will never again be filled,

I will never again hear their voice in this life,

Share an experience, a conversation, the warmth of their smile.

Their passing also reminds me that my time will come,

The clock is ticking,

Seasons come and go,

World events continue to impact daily life,

I see the fragility of humanity exposed daily in the media,

I am thankful that illness, accident, or peril has not crushed me,

I am still here.

I ponder at the reason that I have been given more time to live,

When others have not.

I know my time will come,

I just do not know when.

Neil P. Schiller

28 February 2023

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