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The Passing of Time

Today I bought an indoor plant,

It is sitting on the table,

Drinking a skinny Caramel Latte,

Just because I am able.

My appointment has been mixed up,

Instead of today they say it is tomorrow,

But they will fit me in at lunchtime,

To my gain and their sorrow.

To pass the time I took a walk,

Camp Hill has a shopping centre fine,

It was not far to go,

And today the weather is divine.

Time is a rich treasure we all have,

It is finite and vanishes at a pace,

According to the current situations,

That we must face.

Sometimes we feel pressured,

There is so much we must do,

At other times it cannot go fast enough,

When special events are coming into view.

Young people cannot seem to wait,

To grow into adults,

But when they finally arrive,

Life is challenging with some jolts.

Bills pile up and commitments grow,

Gone are the days of youth,

When time stretched out endlessly,

No one can deny that truth.

But with age and days gone past,

And a lifetime spent at work,

The time I now have is more measured,

And now it is to me more treasured.

You understand as time goes on,

That many, things in life do not last,

People come and go,

Changes chase away the past.

None of us know how long we have,

To appreciate all that is beautiful and fine,

The friendship, love of all that constituted,

The life that has been mine.

Neil P. Schiller


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