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The power of God’s love

As I look around signs of heaven abound,

Natures beauty is resplendent,

Light shining between the leaves of trees,

Clouds in the sky drifting constantly by,

Textures, colours, shapes delight,

As sunset changes day to night.

In the middle of such splendour,

God created humanity, each gender,

Individually crafted, uniquely made and planned,

Each cell with special purpose and agenda,

To sustain life for its full span,

God almighty design for man.

Since the world first began,

Humanity chose not to follow God’s plan,

The dazzling magnificence of beauty,

The heart of humanity turned away,

To adore the very gifts He gave,

That God sent Jesus into his world to save.

Incredible, the power of God’s love,

Entered the world from above,

To rescue all from an eternal grave,

That humanity might be saved.

Neil Schiller

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

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